Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Alice than White Rabbit

Whew, as an addition to yesterday's "can't be late" theorem, I was literally just on time for work, having ran from the gym to work, in the door and out the door. In the end it was a super smooth move to not have been late due to excessive time spent blow drying.
I am thinking, maybe, if no one is reading this then I need to get a gimmick - pictures of food, or presidential candidates, or Tina Fey! I'll just slap her picture all over and the people will surely come. Speaking of which, I wonder when 30 Rock will start up again? The first season is totally worth buying, of which the first disc is a noteworthy gem. Sigh, I guess I will go start getting ready for the gym - lower body weights today - groan.
Thanksgiving update - have been looking through my weight watchers book for appetizers - have found nothing I would subject my friends to. I will now broaden my research to regular people food magazines. Thanksgiving pictures will be the first pictures I post. If I can accomplish it - I am dying to pimp out my blog. In that vein I am off to find clip art of Tina Fey ;-) Please let me know if I used the correct use and spelling of the word vein there, I feel like I am in a bear bare situation here.

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