Wednesday, December 31, 2008

eHarm, No Foul

Alright, I finally did a 21st century thing that I probably never thought I would do and that probably everyone will do once - no, not get a cell phone, I did that 2 months ago - I joined eHarmony!  eek!  Now, calm down out there and stop laughing, I did it for no other reason than pure interest - to see what the world of people are doing out there and what they are all about these days.  Obviously I have never adventured into any other virtual world other than a dating one - will somebody please buy me World of Warcraft for Christmas next year?  Anyways, back to the eHarm story, it all started when Judy said she had signed up for free on a lark, "ages ago" she said, and her inbox was always full but she never replied to any of it.  Well, tick tick tick, I was like "free?  full inbox?"  How could I resist?  Honestly, you all would have done the same ;-)  
If you are going to sign up, put a pot of coffee on because the opening questions are like YOU on a mid-term, practically a deterrent, by the time I reached the half-way point I had no idea what I was saying about myself except for the obvious ones that jumped out like "introvert", no, "creative", yes - the rest of it was like "caring" "warm" "open-minded" (who is going to say they are narrow-minded?  I am not sure if anyone thinks they are - a good future thesis question, tuck that one away for later) anyways, I am totally thinking that all of the above depend on the situation blah blah blah, nonetheless, drum roll please, I got through it!!!  Even if I clicked the middle ground on everything, I got through it!  
Enter the "radius" of potential man mates - they tried to auto click a box of within 100km of where I live for me...ha!  Yes, I am looking for love in Rae Edzo (the only community within 100km) - and failing that, I could be matched up with a hefty bison, after all, I have always had a slight penchant for the unconventional (slight, people, slight).  Finally, I took control of the mouse and clicked the box for "The World!" - it actually had an exclamation mark at the end of it, just like that "The World!"  as if they are saying to all who click this box, "bitchin!  Way to go for the whole world!  Why narrow the field?  Go for it you daring animal!"  So I guess if I get a guided communication question that asks what my idea of being adventurous is, I can reply, "well I did click The World!, didn't I?"  Score, there's one guided answer in the bag.  After all, according to boxes I clicked, my matches are expecting someone witty.  I had better get to work on the other answers.

I give this relationship 2 weeks.  

Monday, December 29, 2008


Argggh, thwarted at every pass!  If anyone knows how to insert a suite of images please let me know - so far I can only get them inserted at the top of the post...  oh well, I will prepare for the best - I am sure it will work itself out...  Yipee!  I figured it out - see post below - I am totally out of order it is true.

Lemon Wedding Cake - Part 1

Obviously, I don't know how to remove photos yet...  So you get it twice!
This my friends is the finished product.  A humble, 3-tiered little lemon number.  The pictures are out of order and I have way more of them, such as, wait for it, the crumb coat montage - who wouldn't want to see that action?  But I am going to retire from this tired (no longer fruitless - all hail the lemon!) wedding cake thread.  Alright, maybe it's just me who is tired. 
Yay - I figured it out!  Please excuse the little lemons in the above photo - they are, ahem, naked.

Well achievement demands consistency!  I had such success posting the December 28th picture (no luck with video though) that I am going to attempt to walk y'all through my documented making of a humble lemon wedding cake for a Dec. 27th wedding.

Here goes; it all started with some beautiful lemons and a rape....

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hey Hey,

I thought it was about time for something new - it looks like it took me a couple of months to recover from October - lol.  I suppose when one thinks that no one is reading one's blog that it does not matter whether one writes or not.  And then one woke up and thought "what if there is one lone soul out there reading my blog, just pining for an update?"  Well, I will not disappoint!  December has been a good month.  I had the great pleasure of performing the Messiah, what a treat.  Also, I sang at an AIDS benefit earlier in the month and that was a treat as well.  Progressed in a serious way in one of my work projects, thanks to some ultra-dependable colleagues.  Visited Toronto for the first time with a good friend of mine.  Spent a lovely Christmas with mom and sis and a surprise visit from an old family friend.  Made a wedding cake, lemon mmmmm.  All with 3 days left to spare.  Life is sweet.  I have pictures of the aforementioned events and I will try to put them up.  I am making it my project for the evening ... go go go! 

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