Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving homeboys and homegirls.  I have plenty to be thankful for not the least of which are great friends and family. It is a gorgeous day here in Yellowknife - fresh and sunny - hope all are having a shiny happy day.
From my end, Jason is the host for today's festivities - should be grand :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

October is such a heavy month...

It seems to me that I have been avoiding blogging about weight loss.  And maybe it is because there is none of that going on in my life right now.  Sigh, and I know my friends are all saying "but you look great" - THIS SECTION HAS BEEN CENSORED.  October tends to be a dangerous month for me - for the past 2 years this month has been the back end greeter for a long term winter guest of fifteen pounds.  And lo, every year I think that I am going the other direction, October rolls around and with it those fifteen little guests who think they are just going to settle in nice and cosy for the winter.
I guess I am posting this now to give myself some sort of accountability.  Right now I weigh CENSORED.  Eeeek!  OMG, there, I said it.  I think about 3 weeks ago I was in the YES FOLKS, CENSORED AGAIN kilo range... Jaws theme song music please.  Anyways, my personal weight loss is probably of no interest to anyone but me, however the topic may interest others (I know I am not the only one of my friends trying to get rid of a bit of unhealthy body fat, which is a good thing) - I am going to try to set up a tab or something in this blog where I will religiously log my progress, tips, tricks etc. - it's all about mitigation people, mitigation.  It will include fitness, but will probably be food centric as the latter in particular is my Dante-esque ring.
But before I go trying to set up a tab and take several months doing it and re-visit this subject when I am a million pounds heavier - I just have 2 parting words my people and those are THE END.     

Thursday, October 9, 2008

guest list

I like imagining that Tina Fey and the Queen of England are reading my blog.

More Alice than White Rabbit

Whew, as an addition to yesterday's "can't be late" theorem, I was literally just on time for work, having ran from the gym to work, in the door and out the door. In the end it was a super smooth move to not have been late due to excessive time spent blow drying.
I am thinking, maybe, if no one is reading this then I need to get a gimmick - pictures of food, or presidential candidates, or Tina Fey! I'll just slap her picture all over and the people will surely come. Speaking of which, I wonder when 30 Rock will start up again? The first season is totally worth buying, of which the first disc is a noteworthy gem. Sigh, I guess I will go start getting ready for the gym - lower body weights today - groan.
Thanksgiving update - have been looking through my weight watchers book for appetizers - have found nothing I would subject my friends to. I will now broaden my research to regular people food magazines. Thanksgiving pictures will be the first pictures I post. If I can accomplish it - I am dying to pimp out my blog. In that vein I am off to find clip art of Tina Fey ;-) Please let me know if I used the correct use and spelling of the word vein there, I feel like I am in a bear bare situation here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So Yellowknife is starting her grand ole descent into darkness and cold.  Calling it a descent is probably a mistake right off the bat seeing as I will be fighting gaining weight soon not to mention losing scant fistfuls of hair with every shower.  Not to be alarmed though - everyone loses hair when they condition, n'est-ce pas? Haha, I am not in denial, just making a joke, keepin it light (I wish!) no pun intended.
It's really not that bad yet, key words there being "that" and "yet" and what are we left with?  Hooooo someone is in quite the mood this morning.
On to funner things like Thanksgiving!  Right around the corner.  We are going to Jason's apartment, I am in charge of appies, I am going to use the KISS principle on that one, keep it simple simon, and the LOW principle, lots of wine.
Saw Nick and Norah in the theatres and loved it.  The drunk friend deserves an oscar for her pre-puke burp in the train station or as Jason would call it, a vurp.  And her Christmas tree stint.  All in all super enjoyable, laughed and laughed.
Righto, I have to get ready to go for a run, I can't be 3 minutes late for work today - I got invited to a big senior management meeting - I feel like Alice!
Ciao for niao amigos.

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