Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So Yellowknife is starting her grand ole descent into darkness and cold.  Calling it a descent is probably a mistake right off the bat seeing as I will be fighting gaining weight soon not to mention losing scant fistfuls of hair with every shower.  Not to be alarmed though - everyone loses hair when they condition, n'est-ce pas? Haha, I am not in denial, just making a joke, keepin it light (I wish!) no pun intended.
It's really not that bad yet, key words there being "that" and "yet" and what are we left with?  Hooooo someone is in quite the mood this morning.
On to funner things like Thanksgiving!  Right around the corner.  We are going to Jason's apartment, I am in charge of appies, I am going to use the KISS principle on that one, keep it simple simon, and the LOW principle, lots of wine.
Saw Nick and Norah in the theatres and loved it.  The drunk friend deserves an oscar for her pre-puke burp in the train station or as Jason would call it, a vurp.  And her Christmas tree stint.  All in all super enjoyable, laughed and laughed.
Righto, I have to get ready to go for a run, I can't be 3 minutes late for work today - I got invited to a big senior management meeting - I feel like Alice!
Ciao for niao amigos.

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