Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in the news

Someone, let's say a new friend, thoughtfully pointed out that it had been a while since I last updated my blog... well, a fast and furious update comin atcha:
- Going to NewYork May 13th for a week and then off to Thailand until June 20th (woohoo) - looking forward to the r & r and spiritiual potential, hiking, massages, connecting with an old legendary Australian friend etc.
- Author I would like to add to my academia collection of literature and literary knowledge: Dembisa Moyo (I believe I got it right)
- 3 wedding cakes have been ordered for July - all buttercream, could be fun (but fun mostly because it will be warm out!)
- Looking forward to the summer (intense)
- Immensely enjoying living with my new roomate Shawn in beautiful Old Town
- Pavarotti in 1973 La Boheme - a must
- Still have to go and check out a music mix on Adam's blog - just for me - ok well maybe not just for me but who cares! He is weird and wonderful - I love new music!

Cheers all - thanks for the nudge,

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