Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to my new template!

Hey party people,

So I have gone with the dots template - welcome to my disco ;-)  I like it, I am still not sold one hundred percent but I like the direction it is going in.  I think I need more pictures, something that focusses the eye - this is my version of renovating a room.  Funny how I seem to be far too lazy to do this in real life where I resign myself to just accept the tacky wood panelling that is my living room and bedroom walls creating a forever 70's romper room effect - paint it white already, ugh, and while your at it take your little heater stove out of it's box and plug it in before you freeze to death!  What's my damage?  I don't know, but back to the dots and the blog, why focus on the stop points in my life that could cause me to just stop motion and stare at the wall for lack of wanting to act when the blog is moving along nicely.  So dots, but needs more focus somehow.  We'll see what will happen.

In other news I had a lovely and delicious salt cod dinner last night with my favourite PEIers - so good, so full...still.  Let's give a little more detail - the potatoes were yellow, fluffy, creamy fleshed little enticers every one of them.  We undressed them with our forks, my mom and I ate the skin while the eastern islanders put theirs in a separate bowl, only to drape them in white gravy with sauteed onions - oh yeah.  On to the cod, it was salted, but not too much, and it was delicious when eaten with the lovely green chow - is it chow chow?  I am not sure, it was not the dog, it was the green tomato relish sauce.  We are going to try and make our own if we can only get our hands on some green tomatoes.  At this point we all agreed that we loved the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" and by virtue of association "Steel Magnolias" got pulled in there too, and we all agreed that we loved it, and even re-enacted some of the more touching Shelby moments.  On to the pork belly fried in lard - do I really even need to say anymore?  I didn't think so.  And dessert, oh dessert, delectably moist white cake with a gorgeously simple brown sugar nutmeg sauce - delish x 12.  Mr. X (I have to ask him if I can ever use his name), and I kept on going back past the stove for dips of the white cake into the butter brown sugar sauce still in the pot.  Just when the last piece had digested, it was back for another dip.  I think I may have injured my stomach.  As an aside, was this a blog regarding weight-loss?  hahaha, this is the food portion of the event.

After dinner we played Yahtzee and that was quite the fun, rip roaring I should say.  What a great game!  Not a big thinker and yet still a good time, and it clips along at a nice pace.

The night was ended with a little dip by Mr.X and myself into some internet dating sites to browse the profiles, the moms chatted, and then the whole thing wound down at a sensible hour in anticipation for brunch this morning.  As I mention the brunch I am reminded that the moms and Mr. X went out to lunch without me yesterday while I ate alone at the Ledge, but I have vowed to drop it and move on so I am not even going to mention it ;-)  Suffice to say it was my karmic retribution for a Russian incident gone awry the night before and now the score is even all round once again - game on.

Well I need to walk my dog and get ready for the day.  To leave this entry with some points of common interest, I will reflect on things outside the realm of my meal activities - I have to research this Canadian election more so that come October 14th I may feel comfortable about voting; the movie Burn After Reading was very odd and bad in an interesting way with a very good ending that makes you leave with the satisfaction that it was a good film and satisfaction is key; hmmmmm, that's all for this morning - my week was so busy that I am having a hard time taking myself out of my little me bubble.  Oh alright I will mention it - where has Barack Obama gone?  I heard he turned down SNL - yikes, not a great move.  Sarah, however unpopular, seems to be all the rage since the debutant party - and that's all I have to say about that.

2 days Olivina free.  Peace out homeys.

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