Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brave New Blog Re-visited

Inspired by a new friend of mine, whose blog I love reading and always want to dialogue with when I am faced with his full screen, as well as by other blogs that I have enjoyed as of late (I have a new Mac = life is better) I have decided to dust off the Blogger account and throw-down to the big blog party going on.

Back in the day of this particular Blog Origin, I had anticipated sharing my musings in the form of commentary, poetry, anything in the written word really.  I do not think that this has changed although I have certainly changed a bit since then and therefore it will inevitably be different.  I find that this is also a great way (and easy - freewebs was a little over my head, wink wink) to keep up with friends old and new when all of our locations and lives are not necessarily complimentary.  So, friends, I will share the link with you.  Thought I would remain anonymous before so that I could truly be candid, but wtf, where's the fun in that?
We'll see what new friends I make ;-)

There is one poem that I had posted almost 2 years ago, I like it, still true, I'll keep it.  
Since then (over the past 2 years), all the while living in good ole Yellowknife, other than continuing to be musically lyrical, I have not been creating written material (we'll call it).  Perhaps this will inspire me to write again - we'll see if well enough should have been left alone, haha, enter at your own risk.


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