Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thought for the week and curtailed addiction

As arrived at through my weekly session with my brilliant friend who is studying to be a life coach, my thought/mantra for the week is "I'm single and learning to love life".  A true statement.  Apparently it is my thoughts that are shaping my reality and quite frankly since I have adopted this one ( I am on day 2 of the pilot) I actually do feel a lot better about the whole situation of being single and not in the relationship of my dreams.  That said, "dreams" is the operative word in the previous sentence - be careful what you wish for etc.  That aside, I am single and learning to love life.

A little bit more about life coaching Later.  I have to get ready for work and a run now.

As a closing remark, I have taken the first step in conquering my Olivina addiction this morning by throwing the not empty yet tub I had on the go into the garbage.  Score one for Olivina free evenings.


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