Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Best!

Ok, so "prepare for the best" last left off when my house burned down - well when my trailer burned down.  But it was my home and that was rough.  It is 3 years later and crap is happening man!  I am in a short film that has been shown this week in the Cannes Film Festival!  WoOoHoOo!  How awesome is that?!  Like Gabrielle said, dreams do come true.  Have I prepared for the best in this situation?  Um, not really, I have been sort of riding the depression wagon a little, low and maybe swimming in a self-pity pool..... And for what?!  It's CANNES!  I need to snap out of the doldrums and stat - life couldn't be better!  For today I am going to be grateful and let the lightheartedness of life guide me in all my minutes of the day!  I am going to bootcamp, I am going to band, and I am going to take JLOs skin care regime advice and apply it darnnit, cuz she looks good!  Look at her skin - glowing and wrinkle free - bring on the Frownies I say!

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