Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Music - Movie - Book

I have on follower!! That's pretty awesome considering this blog is about nothing. I have often thought of focussing it and making it about something in particular but what that is does not come to mind.
I just bought a new CD this weekend - The Cat Empire - pretty sweet. It sounds like Jack Johnson singing to funky music a la Jamiroquai mixed with Sublime complimented by some radical scratching and electronic mixing. All of that with some sort of space age Caribbean feel.
Snow is upon us in Yellowknife, the temperature is a comfortable crisp. There are different shades of crisp for sure, some are more comfortable than others; presently ours is very pleasant.
Movie review - The Informant. This was an interesting movie. I was expecting it to be better than it was at the time I was watching it. However, when we were let out and had so much to talk about in terms of content, acting, setting etc. well gosh darn it, I realized that it was maybe more thought provoking than a lot of movies that I have seen lately and so I give it thumbs up. It was like a Vanity Fair article set to a movie. In fact, I am going to research whether or not there was a VF article written on this story... the story of Mark Whitacre and the corn business. Interesting about the corn business - the movie drives home that there is corn in just about everything, both manufactured and some meats and fish (because it is their food source) - broken down into the different compounds that make up corn, this movie focussed particularly on "lycene". This has research project written all over it.
With respect to the "price fixing" aspect of the story, well we have sent our lawyer friend in to watch and to give us the cliff notes. At the end of the movie, we were actually wanting a movie about the movie - i.e. the cliff notes on the legal side of the story.

Book of the moment - A Thousand Splendid Suns - so far, so great. I will review it when I am done.


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