Monday, December 29, 2008

Lemon Wedding Cake - Part 1

Obviously, I don't know how to remove photos yet...  So you get it twice!
This my friends is the finished product.  A humble, 3-tiered little lemon number.  The pictures are out of order and I have way more of them, such as, wait for it, the crumb coat montage - who wouldn't want to see that action?  But I am going to retire from this tired (no longer fruitless - all hail the lemon!) wedding cake thread.  Alright, maybe it's just me who is tired. 
Yay - I figured it out!  Please excuse the little lemons in the above photo - they are, ahem, naked.

Well achievement demands consistency!  I had such success posting the December 28th picture (no luck with video though) that I am going to attempt to walk y'all through my documented making of a humble lemon wedding cake for a Dec. 27th wedding.

Here goes; it all started with some beautiful lemons and a rape....

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