Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hey Hey,

I thought it was about time for something new - it looks like it took me a couple of months to recover from October - lol.  I suppose when one thinks that no one is reading one's blog that it does not matter whether one writes or not.  And then one woke up and thought "what if there is one lone soul out there reading my blog, just pining for an update?"  Well, I will not disappoint!  December has been a good month.  I had the great pleasure of performing the Messiah, what a treat.  Also, I sang at an AIDS benefit earlier in the month and that was a treat as well.  Progressed in a serious way in one of my work projects, thanks to some ultra-dependable colleagues.  Visited Toronto for the first time with a good friend of mine.  Spent a lovely Christmas with mom and sis and a surprise visit from an old family friend.  Made a wedding cake, lemon mmmmm.  All with 3 days left to spare.  Life is sweet.  I have pictures of the aforementioned events and I will try to put them up.  I am making it my project for the evening ... go go go! 

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